Japan Tech's Project & Portfolio

Metal Parts Manufacturer's CVC

We are supporting corporate venture capital and new business creation activities of a medium-sized metal component processing company. We support various phases of new business from planning to execution through various methods such as collaboration with companies in other industries, venture investment, and M&A. Japan Tech is engaged in this activity with the aim of building a truly practical and organic corporate innovation platform that is not limited to a fund structure.

Black Belt Fund™

The Black Belt Fund™ is a platform that aims to revitalize the economy of Japan as a whole by decentralizing the venture ecosystem, which is concentrated in Tokyo, to the local regions and clusters distinctive industries in each region. It is operated in collaboration with Innovation Dojo Japan, a global innovation platform that connects startups, universities, and government agencies. As a catalyst for the ecosystem of each region, this platform will work for regional economic development by combining Innovation Dojo Japan's human capital network and Japan Tech's hands-on investment know-how to land businesses originating from overseas in targeted areas.

Ultra-Long Life LED Lighting

High ceilings and outdoor lighting in factories and warehouses are rapidly being replaced by mercury vapor lamps. However, these lighting areas are highly challenging as they have to cope with recent heat waves, vibrations and shocks caused by giant typhoons, and climate changes such as salt damage. One of our portfolio is a manufacturer that offers innovative power supply technology and high-quality lighting fixture design technology, and provides LED lighting that can meet these challenges. Japan Tech provides them with hands-on support in business planning and management, B2B marketing, and financial planning.

Pancreatic Cancer Drug Discovery Startup

Pancreatic cancer is a very serious disease with a 5-year survival rate of about 10% because it is difficult to detect in its early stages and often difficult to treat once diagnosed. Japan Tech provided hands-on support for this R&D startup. We developed a business plan and product strategy, which led to the establishment of a network with a number of domestic and international investors.

Support for Overseas Startups Entering Japan

Japan Tech supports overseas startups in their Japan expansion projects and provides mentorship for European government and U.S.-based acceleration programs to help overseas startups formulate plans to enter the Japanese market. We have supported deep tech and fintech startups from Silicon Valley, Germany, and Singapore.

Tomakomai Apartment Renovation Project

Tomakomai is one of Hokkaido's leading industrial cities with excellent transportation access to New Chitose International Airport and Tomakomai Port, which are gateways to other domestic and overseas destinations. In the neighboring city of Chitose, a semiconductor manufacturer plans to build a huge semiconductor plant to produce advanced semiconductor devices domestically. In addition, Tomakomai has one of the lowest snowfalls in Hokkaido, making it one of the most livable cities in the prefecture.

Japan Tech is working to revitalize the apartment complex as a pilot project to address vacant housing and promote regional development. The theme of the project is workcation, dual life, and flexible work style in startups and small and medium-sized companies, using an apartment overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Mt. Tarumae as a pilot project.