Japan Tech Ventures

Japan Tech Ventures Limited

Business Innovation research, consulting, venture investment, and real estate investment

Establishment January 4, 2022

Itaru Ueda, Founder and Managing Director

He worked on large-scale ASIC development in the research lab of an established wireless communication equipment manufacturer. Later, he was in charge of new business development at a major Japanese electronic component manufacturer, where he led cross-functional teams, including open innovation projects with European, US and Chinese companies, as well as M&A projects.

His experience in the manufacturing industry led him to become a venture capitalist. He has worked for a Silicon Valley VC firm - Autotech Ventures, and SBI Investment in Japan, as well as Hong Kong/Silicon Valley-based Q Capital, where he was involved in venture investment practice, hands-on support for portfolio companies, and fund management in the mobility and deep tech sectors. He then founded Japan Tech Ventures to pursue venture investment and business creation models that best fit the culture, traditions and history of Japan.

He is also a real estate investor with a portfolio of more than 30 units in up to five buildings in Tokyo, Osaka, and Hokkaido. He is using this expertise to work on the problem of vacant houses in rural areas.

He holds a Master of Engineering (Electrical and Electronics) from Tokyo City University and an Executive MBA from Quantic School of Business and Technology.