We Build Japan Tech ®


To create a Japan that shines brightly in the world, we are building a platform for the development of Japan's superior technology and unique culture.


We provide the support that Japanese startups and SMEs, as well as entrepreneurs from around the world who are facing challenges in Japan, really need to grow their businesses efficiently. We also aim to establish a business creation model that fits Japan's culture and traditions by taking on the challenges of solving various Japanese issues, such as open innovation in large corporations, business succession, and regional revitalization.


Technical and Industry Knowledge

We have a wide range of technology and industry experience and insights, from cloud software to deep tech, gained from real-world business in the financial, real estate, automotive, software, and electronics industries.


We have extensive operational experience working with start-ups, small businesses and large corporations. As managers, investors, entrepreneurs, and intrepreneurs, we have been there, done that, and overcome the challenges.


Being global is our core value. We create value by leveraging our overseas network and connections with global human resources. Based on our track record of overseas business and investment, we pursue the objective advantages of Japan as seen from the global perspective.